Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A Movement with a Pay Plan

A Movement with a Pay Plan

Hello from Scott Salisbury I am the owner of
www.CBDstore.co one of the top CBD stores on the Internet.

And a Proud member of this GREAT Movement.

Your Own Online storefront for $15.00 per month. 
You don't have to know one thing about web site design. Not one thing about setting up shopping carts. 
All done for you. In fact your storefront and my storefront will look exactly the same.
Join my team by signing up and become a Brand Ambassador.











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Friday, May 9, 2014

A movement with a pay plan

Example… Why join “A Movement with a Pay Plan”
Scott Salisbury owner of www.CBDStore.co and an IBO/Brand Ambassador

Daily I use my HempVAP pen. Point being I am a user too like you!

Hello and Thank you so much for your order of a HempVAP Atomizer for your Brain Dart HempVAP Pen

When we opened our online store www.CBDStore.co  in December of 2013 “A movement with a pay plan” did not exist. We were purchasing for resale from HempMedsPX. HempMedsPX now only wholesales through

We love and use like you  the hempVAP products. For $15.00 per month  We enjoy Auto shipment of product and we enjoy price breaks too.

Anyone can join “A Movement with a pay Plan. It is a Multi level marketing company and affords the consumer price choice and a way to join a team of others, like minded folks who believe.

If you the consumer buy one atomizer a month from our store "thank you" the price is $69.95 that includes shipping too. This is one example of many products “more to come” that you can buy or/and re-sell by having your own Storefront which this company affords you. “we will show you teach you how”..

If you become an IBO (Independent Business Owner/member) at $15.00 per month your price for one atomizer is $15.00 + $50.00 (atomizer price as a member is $50.00) + 12.95 for shipping = $77.97.

If you buy two hempvap Atomizers  a month is where the math works. $15.00 (monthly IBO  membership fee)

+100.00 (2 atomizers as a member price $50.00 each) + $17.94 for shipping = $132.94 Divide by 2 = $66.47

The price you pay from the CBD Store "my store" would be $139.90 Divided by 2 = $69.95.

Point being if you did nothing else other than pay your $15.00 per month and ordered 2 atomizers per month, from the store you would save $3.48 cents per month.

And the other cool thing is? Auto Ship. You can set up auto ship so every month like clock work your atomizer or atomizers show up. COOL for sure!

To join the team…

-$15.00 per month
-Auto Ship… For sure!
-Allow folks to know of your online store, and have them repeat this process with and through your efforts.

To join my team... To be a part of my team, to buy at a discount and to set up auto ship...

Scott Salisbury

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Movement with a Pay Plan

Brought to you by
Scott Salisbury owner of
Join my Team 

Scott Salisbury My Sponsor ID: 7013824
Scott Salisbury here the owner. I started this Journey in 2012. 
I had no idea it would lead me to owning several online stores, selling Hemp based Products 
Buy, use, Sell Cannabis Beauty Defined Products

cannabis beauty defined

Scott Salisbury owner of 

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